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The ORIGINAL natural testosterone boosters used by powerlifters of Eastern Europe. Accept no imitations!

Tribestan® Worldwide are the official world leading supplier of Tribestan® and ORIGINAL Bulgarian testosterone boosters traditionally used by powerlifters of Eastern Europe.  

Our natural testosterone boosters are based on the amazing herb 'Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris! There are only a handful of companies in the world that specialise in 'Tribulus'. 'We provide the REAL deal with real Tribulus! Do not settle for inferior brands which are simply not effective'.

"Fitness & Athletics Magazine" USA, December 2016 "The most natural testosterone boosters at Tribestan Worldwide®"

We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas 2016! We are now providing FREE worldwide shipping during the Christmas season!

The original testosterone booster. Known as 'Eastern Europe's Best Kept Secret'.

Tribestan®. The original testosterone booster for over 40 Years Patented product of sopharma bulgaria.

Tribestan 60 x 250mg tablets. Packaged in 2 box types for Europe and USA. Contents are same. See packaging page

As described by the head of the development team at Sopharma Pharmaceuticals Bulgaria ...

"Tribestan® is without a doubt the strongest most potent natural herbal alternative to anabolic steroids!"

The Bulgarian Powerlifters have used Tribestan® with effectiveness since the 70's and is the reason why they dominated Powerlifting over the years! known as 'Eastern Europes Best Kept Secret'

Rated as 'The Most Potent Natural Herbal Alternative To Anabolic Steroids'! 100% Natural Ingredients!

Tribestan® is the ORIGINAL brand of bulgarian tribulus developed by Sopharma Pharmaceuticals Bulgaria.  Tribestan® was the first Tribulus extract launched officialy to the public.

Sopharma are the only company in the world who provide a COA (certificate of analysys) showing purity and potency.  Tribestan an astonishing 12,000%.

See what other companies fail to provide!..Tribestan is the only brand in the World to provide a Certificate of Analysis...  Read here..

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Average delivery to USA & Australia is 7 days! Shipped from our UK office. Daily Tribestan® shipping worldwide! Dubai, Malaysia, USA

Forget everything you thought you knew about regular Tribulus.

Tribestan® - The ultimate Tribulus. When it comes to the manufacture of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, no other brand combines the selection of raw material, patented high-performance technology, and precise chemical analysis the way Tribestan® does.

Tribestan® is the safest Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris on the world market, and the most effective!

Due to the complicated purifying process to identify the active ingredients it takes 2000 lbs of raw Tribulus Terrestris to make just 40 lbs of Tribestan®!

Each 250mg tablet contains the strongest most pure Tribulus extract in the world. Unlike other manufacturers each batch of Tribestan® comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) providing information on purity and potency.

 Tribestan®. Clinically proven to be the strongest Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract in the world with up to 45% protodioscin per 250mg tablet compared to a very poor 2% regular brands. OFFICIAL case study! Tribestan VS other brands.......

Do not be misled by claims of 90%, 95% Saponins. Read on ..............



Tribestan is recommended by the famous bodybuilder Gregg Valentino. Only buy from Tribestan Worldwide for the real Tribestan!

Seen on TV as the man with the biggest biceps in the World! Famous bodybuilder and Author of Muscular Development Magazine

Gregg talks about the muscle enhancing benefits of Tribestan at our UK office!

Be aware of counterfeits!

Only buy the original Tribestan® here at Tribestan Worldwide®!


TTT!  Top selling formula 2016. Original testosterone booster traditionally used by Powerlifters of Eastern Europe.  As seen on Muscle Sport Mag Radio 2017! TTT is now huge in the States!

Alex, Germany, September 2016.  
I did an 8 week cycle and after 6 weeks I was about 6 pounds of muscle up and bench press up by 15 kilo! No other test booster compares! Even stronger than Tribestan!

Click here to read full review...........................

Tribulus Max! The new liquid tribulus!

Used By Famous Bodybuilder Lee Priest (6th Mr Olympia)!

Lee Priest joined the Tribestan team and here he talks about his amazing experience with this potent testosterone booster!

Another original formula by Tribestan Worldwide!

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Staminaxe! Testosterone Booster. 100 Capsules! All our products include free shipping worldwide!

- Potent Original Tribulus! - Made in Sofia Bulgaria! - FDA Approved Product - Recommended by bodybuilders worldwide. - By T - Boost Pharmaceuticals Bulgaria. 100 tablets.
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The Original Tribestan. 1 x Box. 1 Month Supply

- 1 x Box of Tribestan(60 x 250mg tablets) - FREE delivery worldwide - Shipped form our UK office - See boxes. Tribestan 60 x 250mg tablets.
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Tripple T! Known as 'The strongest, most potent and natural herbal alternative to anabolic performance enhancers'

- Worlds first Bulgarian Tribulus Testiculin Extract! - Official sponsor of Bulgarian Powerlifting - FREE worldwide shipping - By 'T Boost Pharmaceuticals Bulgaria' - 90 Capsules - FREE worldwide shipping!
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