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By Famous Bodybuilder Lee Priest! Watch Lee's Video!

- 1 bottle = 3/4 week cycle! - World's first liquid Tribulus - Made in Sofia Bulgaria! - Join many of our customers and stack Tribestan with Tribulus Max for greater results!

Tribulus Max Liquid By Lee Priest

By Cvetita Herbal Pharmaceuticals Bulgaria

The Most Potent Liquid Bulgarian Tribulus Testosterone Booster!


The New Liquid Tribulus From Tribestan Worldwide!

Used By Famous Bodybuilder Lee Priest (6th Mr Olympia)!

Lee Priest joined the Tribestan team and here he talks about his amazing experience with this potent testosterone booster!

Tribulus Max Liquid! Highly concentrated and more easily absorbed due to the unique liquid form!

Buy 4 and get 1 FREE!

See Below:

Lee Priest talks about the powerful muscle enhancing benefits of Tribulus Max!

What is Tribulus Max liquid?

As you know here at Tribestan Worldwide we aim to educate customers on this amazing herb called Tribulus!

We surely can say that this is the most potent and strongest liquid Tribulus on the world market so we teamed up with Cvetita Herbal in Bulgaria.

Tried and tested by the Tribestan Team we can surely recommend stacking this with Tribestan for great results or even as a standalone

Tribulus Max is a water-alcohol extract of the herb Tribulus Terrestris. The product was developed by a special technology of Bulgarian high-quality raw material Tribulus which is globally recognized for its unique phytochemical composition.

Successfully combining extract technology and professionalism, our team has developed Tribulus Max by using this famous dry herb and transforming it in to a liquid in a 100 ml bottle! for maximum absorption!

Accept no imitations of Tribulus Max

200 mg of the Bulgarian Tribulus dry herb packed in to every 1ml liquid! Now you can see how potent Tribulus max is!

You may have heard of generic Bulgarian Tribulus products which have flooded the market over recent years but with Tribulus Max you can rely on a reputable brand with pure natural ingedients.

Tribulus Max contains at least 89% of standardized saponins (from the shoot of the plant). The true superiority of the effectiveness of Tribulus Max is expressed biologically where are present Protodioscin, Protogracillin (the key active ingredients) and other key saponins in critically important ratios offering dramatic results!

Many of our customers are now stacking Tribulus Max with Tribestan!

Stack Tribulus Max and Tribestan for even greater results!


Bodybuilder Dosage

Tribulus Max is to be taken three times daily. A plastic spoon is provided so take 3 x 2.5ml spoonfuls. Do not exceed 5 spoonfuls per day 12 hours.  A higher dosage can be taken for heavy weightlifters.

The duration of the cycle can be from 3 months which is recommended with a break of 2 weeks.

Testosterone and energy maintenance eg. individual with busy city lifestyle, cyclist, running....

1 - 2 capfulls three times a day


100 ml. Average 33 Servings

100% Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris liquid (water and alcohol at around 20%)

Solids in 1ml. - 200mg. (20%).

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Wicked Bulgarian Liquid offers a revolution in health and sport drink supplementation!  

Wicked Bulgarian Liquid! Over 4000 Bottles sold worldwide sinch our launch in March 2015

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