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Why Bulgarian Tribulus?

Why Bulgarian Tribulus?

The Real Facts

Unfortunately over recent years the market has become flooded with Tribulus manufacturers from Asia jumping on the bandwagon!

Over 4,000 companies worldwide are selling Bulgarian Tribulus right now, but the number of companies that really know how to make Bulgarian Tribulus can be counted with the number of fingers on one hand. The best known manufacturers are T Boost of Bulgaria who make TTT and Staminaxe,Sopharma who make Tribestan and Cvetita Herbal! All these manufacturers are actual Bulgarian Tribulus Specialists.

There are limited resources of Bulgarian tribulus in the country of Bulgaria. The climate in this country is perfect for growing tribulus crops which are carefully harvested only a few times a year ensuring quality, purity and potency of Bulgarian Tribulus.

Over the last 10 years or so there has been an astronomical increase of Tribulus manufacturers! The market is now flooded with Tribulus coming from India and China (just like a lot of mass produced herbal products). These products use inferior Tribulus.  Basically these companies mass produce Tribulus in factories, dry them and then completely grind them to a powder and sell them.

These products do not have the same pharmacological and physiological properties as the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract and many are totally not effective!

Many companies will claim that they are using Bulgarian Tribulus and will offer products from $7 to $15 for 100 tablets. The herb itself costs $2.50 to $8.00 per kilo (~2 lb.) to actually harvest correctly (before packaging and putting it on market)! So do you think a brand containing 100 tablets in a tub or $7 will be effective? The answer is No! Its absoloutely imnpossible.

You may also have seen Asian Tribulus advertising 95% saponins and 80% Protodioscin. These companies enrich the Tribulus with synthetic ingredients and chemicals which can be very harmful and are simply not effective! 

Real Bulgarian Tribulus Facts:

  • 100% natural and no synthetic extracts
  • Grown in the correct climate and under the correct conditions in the warm seasons
  • Harvested only certain times of the year
  • Use the leaf of the plant where the active ingredienst are only used
  • Bulgarian Tribulus is 30 to 40 times more potent than any other Tribulus in the world!
  • For an effective extract it takes approximately 2,000 lb. (905 kg) to produce 36 lb. (16 kg) extract where 250 mg are used per tablet. The process itself is much more complex, but to simply describe how the actual extract is obtained, after the herb is boiled only the saponins (soapy lathers) are being used in our products. The herb alone has some known toxicity and causes digestive system problems




Why Bulgarian Tribulus?