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Tribestan Reviews

Worldwide reviews on Tribestan and our potent Bulgarian testosterone boosters!


6/04/18 - Gunnar Eriksson, Iceland. Customer Rating 4.5/5 "Tribestan and TTT Super Stack"

Just finished another cycle of what I call the most potent test natural testosterone stack on earth! Tribestan combined with TTT! Finished my 8 week cycle and 9 pounds up in lean mass with amazing strength increase! Ive used this cycle for 12 months on and off and keep gaining!



02/02/18 - Matthew Sampson, London. Customer Rating 4.5/5

I noticed I had a lot more strength and I also noticed some size increases after two weeks and even more at week four, around 5 pound of solid mass. You need a good month cycle or more! It worked really well for me and did a lot for my sex drive too! Overall a true testosterone booster!



15/02/17 - Michael 'Arms' Parker, California.  Customer Rating 5/5

Im crazy for Tribestan! been cycling this stuff for 4 years on and off with increedible results every time! Remember my first cycle I put on a solid 8 pounds in 6 weeks, and 2 inchesd on my arms! Tribestan now has took me to my genetic potential! best test booster on earth!



15/12/16 - Chris Mahoney, Madrid, Spain.  Customer Rating 4/5

I'd like to say that Tribestan is clearly the most potent testosterone booster out there from my excperience. I dropped 4 tablets a day for a 10 week cycle. My gains went up quite clearly after 2 weeks, I leaned out and was ripped after this cycle! Love Trib!



28/10/15 - Andy Crawford, Philadelphia, USA.  Customer Rating 5/5



In to my eighth week of Tribestan and feeling amazing! My test levels are no doubt escelated, feel a great sense of wellbeing, up around 8 pounds and strength through the roof! I find it so hard to gain weight, im 30 years old with a fast metabolism but no doubt Tribestan has helped me to gain this solid 8 pounds of mass! cant wait for next cycle. Ive tried so many natural products but Tribestan is the real deal!



29/7/2015 – ‘Chris Williams’, Belgium, Europe. Customer Rating 5/5 


‘ Tried this for 2 months my strength went up and I had more energy in the gym, will try again soon, fast delivery too ‘



01/04/15 - Trevor Harris, Munich, Germany. Customer Rating 5/5

Thanks for another fast deloivery. Cant wait to get on a Tribestan cycle again this year! Great supplement and best gains from any natural supplement I have ever took! Ripped still from last cycle and cant wait to get on the beach on top form this Summer!

28/03/15 - Randy Johnson, Indianapolis, USA. Customer Rating 5/5



Nearly a full month on Tribestan and strength and pumps through the roof! I love Tribestan since doing a 3 month cycle last year, no side effects unless you want to call massive strength gains a side effect! Going to do a 4 montth cycle this time round! Put on 7 solid pounds of mass last cycle and expect more this time! Cheers Tribestan team!



01/01/15 - 'Kyle Erickson', Arizona USA. Star Review August 2014! 5/5



Did one cycle on Tribestan and I have never gained so much strength so fast. I think it's the greatest strength building supplement of all time. I only have one concern and that i think it speeds up my hair loss, otherwise I would constantly be cycling on this stuff. I told one friend about Tribestan and he loves it, has had a lot of gains since he started it. His name is Mike Young from Mesa AZ and I know he will be ordering from you soon. I am 45 years old and I feel like I'm 18 when I take this stuff, I can't wait till my next cycle on it, I'm just trying to get some of my hair back first. Lastly, it has been over two months since I have taken Tribestan and Ihave retained all the strength I gained when I took it.

Thanks for the great products but we don't want too many people in the U.S. to know about them, do we?

 21/10/14 - 'Andrew Parker', Scotland, UK, Customer Rating 5/5

I am so decicated to Tribestan after being introduced to it by a friend a few years ago. It really is a super
supplement untouched by no other!

Eastern Europe got it right on this supplement! be aware of other rubbish tribulus brands.



01/08/14 - 'Mike Collins', Birmingham, UK, Customer Rating 5/5

' Another cycle finished on Tribestan (3 months in) and what a great supplement. Best testosterone booster I have ever come across, massive strength gains and pumps, 1 stone up after 3 months.

Thanks again Trib Worldwide!



03/07/14 - James Bradshaw', London, Customer Rating 5/5

'Just finished a two month cycle on Tribestan and what amazing results! My strength went through the roof after 3 weeks and put on around 8 pounds with a good diet. You can really feel Tribestan kicking in after around 3 weeks.



10/06/14 - 'Michael Roland', Germany, Customer Rating 5/5

' Having heard about various friends on Tribestan I tried it on a 8 week cycle. A big increase in strength after 4 weeks and even more after 6. Gains in strength just kept on increasing. Amazing pumps with veins popping out everywhere and great recovery. Fantastic product!


28/05/14 - 'Ronnie Jackson', Chicago, Customer Rating 5/5

' Cant wait to start another 8 week cycle. Been on Tribestan for 12 months on and off and will give it 10/10 for results, strength, gains and amazing pumps'! Thanks for another speedy delivery


14/04/14 - 'Grant Meyer', New York, Customer Rating 5/5

' I came across Tribestan in 2013 after trying many testosterone boosters over the years. I used to be semi-pro in bodybuilding and tried everything on the market. Tribestan really does what the research sais. It elevated my testosterone levels to how i felt like at 25. I did a 15 week cycle of Tribestan with 2 weeks off and then on again. I have so much energy all day long, I gained 10lbs solid mass, recovery is amazing and I feel like I can hit the day with everything I have!. All the signs of higher testosterone! I will never use another natural test booster again! Cheers Team! 


28/3/2014 – 'Jessica Davies', London, Customer  Rating 5/5  

'I  have been cycling the Tribestan Plus for a few months now and it gives me a real zest for life! a great booster due to a stressful job in the city, keeps me focused and gives me great energy!'


14/3/2014 – 'Andrew Button', Belgium, Customer  Rating 5/5   

'Thanks guys again for a quick delivery.  I can honestly say Tribestan is the strongest testosterone booster I have ever used! do an 8 week cycle and you will have full effects! No side effects, safe and natural.


4/3/2014 – ‘Jason Davies’, London UK. Customer  Rating 5/5   

'Third cycle on Tribestan and just loving every moment! one stone of solid muscle in 10 weeks, great pumps and strength'


25/3/2014 – ‘Randy Williams’, California, USA. Customer  Rating 5/5   

‘I have been been competing in athletics for over ten years and Tribestan has helped me with strength trainingand stamina! This beatr all other natural products in the world hands down!


21/2/2014 – ‘Tony Jackson’, New York, USA. Customer  Rating 5/5   

‘Tribestan is a superior product! I have gotten rock hard muscles and much improved recovery. On Tribestan for 3 months now and I have gained about 9 pounds and put 1 inch on my arms and my upper body has filled out!


17/1/2014 – “Mark Jenkings”, London, UK.  Customer Rating   5/5  

“Third month on Tribestan and 8lbs up exactly, lost a lot of body fat and put on very lean muscle!”


13/1/2014 – John Bassett, New York, USA, Customer Rating  5/5  

‘Tribestan is insane! I have tried so many test boosters over the years but Tribestan hands down is the best natural bodybuilding product I have ever used! I keep going back to it because it works. I came across Tribestan around 4 years ago and it’s changed my life. I train naturally and this stuff sky rockets your natural testosterone in a safe way, I cycle it 12 weeks on and a month off, makes me feel great, your strength drastically inscreases, great recovery! a perfect supplement!’


2/1/2014 -  ‘Steven Anderson’, London, UK, 4.5/5  

‘Didn’t notice very much at first but after about a week of use it seemed like I had more energy. I could also sleep better at night which was weird. I also seem to have more endurance but that could be due to me increasing my workouts. Overall Tribestan has given me a sense of overall well being and workout intensity! Three weeks in to my first cycle I had  intense pumps and strength through the roof!’


 23/12/2013 – ‘Andrew Davies’, Swansea, Wales.  Customer Rating   

‘My third cycle of Tribestan this year and my strength keeps going up, I have put on a solid 1 stone of lean muscle and now wont use another product’


01/012/13 -  ‘Jacob Harris, Berlin, Germany, Customer Rating  5/5 

‘Just finished my first cycle of 8 weeks! I am really amazed by the results. Being an amateur bodybuilder for over 10 years I have tried most test boosters on the market eg, ZMA, various Tribulus brands.  Tribestan is hands down the best test booster I have ever tried. Strength and pumps are phenomenal!  Made a gain of 8lbs of mass, I know the gains were from Tribestan as it’s hard to gain mass these days as I have hit my maximum weight over the years!


24/11/13 ‘-   ‘Malvin Davies, Customer Rating  5/5  

‘Tribestan is the king of natural test boosters! It makes me feel so good physically and emotionally! Gains are guaranteed! Just give it a try for an 8 week cycle! 4 tabs per day! and you will see the results!.

15/11/2013 – ‘Andy Jones’, Milan, Italy, Customer Rating  4.5/5  

‘Another great cycle completed on Tribestan, been cycling Tribestan for 2 years now since going natural and its the best natural test booster on the world market! gained over 1 stone over the last year and strength and recovery is amazing’


2/11/2013 – ‘Alfonso Adami, Milan, Italy’, Customer Rating  4.5/5  

‘A few of my mates in the gym have been on Tribestan for while now, thought I would give it a shot and 8 weeks in im feeling amazing, strength is increased drastically and around 6 pounds up! Give it a good 6 or 8 week cycle for best results, the way I look at it is that steroids dont give you good results for around 8 weeks so go for a good long cycle and this stuff really kicks in so good!!’


01/04/13 – ‘Thomas Price  4.5/5  

‘Being a professional cyclistfor over 5 years I have tried many test boosters but Tribestan is the best hands down.  It gives me great energy and increased aggressiveness when training’


22/03/13 – ‘Kyle Griffiths’, New York, USA, Customer Rating  4.5/5  

‘Another great cycle on Tribestan, results guaranteed!’


15/03/13 – ‘Jimmy The Mass’, Manchester, UK, Customer Rating  4.5/5  

‘Noticed I had a lot more strength and I also noticed some size increases within 4 weeks. Unlike generic test boosters I could really feel this kicking in. It worked really well for me and sex drive through the roof! Probably the best natural test booster I have tried till now!’


2/03/13 – ‘Jason Watts’, Birmingham, UK  . Customer Rating  4.5/5  

‘I just love Tribestan, been cycling this stuff on and off for a year now, massive strength, pumps and recovery in the gym!’


1/02/13 – ‘Tyrone Jackson’ Florida, USA. Customer Rating  4.5/5  

‘I compete in natural powerlifting, and im not a big fan of using supplements but this test booster (natural) knocked my strength up to another 40kg on my bench and 50kg on my squat in 6 weeks, good product, now I know what the hype is all about with Tribestan, definitely worth it!


22/01/13 ‘Mohamad Abbas’, Golds Gym, Egypt, Ratin5/5  


‘Hi Trib UK. I can not describe enough how strong Tribestan is and I am so happy with the results. My Strength has gone through the roof in 4 weeks! I was quite skeptical when I first ordered! I work in Golds Gym in Egypt so practically train every day. First of all after the second week I got a little stronger and four weeks in my strength and aggressiveness in the gym shot up, it was like I was on roids but I wasnt! I do 6 tabs per day, its costs quite a bit worth it! This stuff is insane! Ive read so much about Tribestan over the years and wish I took it earlier! Do a 10 or 12 week cycle and you will feel like superman!

09/01/13 ‘Steve Jenkins’, Cardiff, UK, Rating 5/5  

‘Just wanted to say thanks to the Tribestan UK team! Just finished my third cycle, ripped more than ever, great pump, amazing recovery on Tribestan and and an overall great natural product! Orders always prompt and packaged well! Cheers guys!

13/12/12 ‘Robert Noel’, Manchester, UK, Rating 5/5  

‘I will never ever use another natural test booster after cycling this stuff for 10 weeks! its very potent, increases test like nothing else on the market!. Strength and stamina have highly increased and feel great all round, no side effects!


8/12/12 ‘Janet Moran’, Birmingham, UK, Rating 4/5  

“I am fourty six years old and have just completed my fourth Iron Man! I cycle Tribestan all year round and helps so much in competition, I will never use another natural products, no side effects, makes me feel great, and full of energy, great recovery, Tribestan is the best natural product in the world, hands down!”


29/11/12 ‘Joe Sampson’, New York, USA, Rating 5/5  

“I have cycled Tribestan 3 times over 18 months and always make great gains.  I do 4 tablets per day on a ten week cycle and up it to 6 tablets on the last two weeks. It’s a supplement that does what it is made to do. Gained 10-12 lbs on last cycle with a good diet! I find the strength gains really kick in after 2 weeks and the pumps are amazing, I love how you feel off Tribestan!”

13/11/2012 – ‘Big John’, Texas, USA, Customer Rating 5/5 

‘On week 8 of Tribestan and just pure amazing, slight acne on shoulders and back which shows its raising my test! gained roughly 8 lbs so far and have dropped a significant amount of body fat in the process (on a minimal cut). Been chasing the wife around the house as it makes you well horny! This stuff works, plain and simple, I will never use another test product considering all the rubbish which is on the market!


20/10/12 – ‘Randy Clark’, Philadelphia, USA, Customer  Rating. 4/5  

Love this stuff,  ran 16 weeks , 6 tabs per day, had phenomenal gains in lean mass around 7 pounds, massive pumps on week 2, strength way up and overall sense of wellbeing.


13/10/2012 – ‘James Davies’ London, UK. Customer Rating  4.5/5  

‘Did another cycle, not as good gains as the two previous cycles, however still a great product’


2/10/2012 – ‘Steve Johnson’, Barcelona, Spain, Customer Rating. 4/  

‘I got told about Tribestan by a friend I used to work with in the States, did two cycles for 10 weeks, great product. Gaines 10lbs in 10 weeks!

15/09/2012 – ‘Joshua Bradfield’, Manchester, UK. Customer Rating. 5/5   

“Back for another cycle, love Tribestan and always have, do yourself a favour and if you want to cycle a reputable product thats works hands down, do a cycle on Trib!  Put on around 12lbs of solid muscle in 6 months!”

1/08/2012 – ‘Tom Jacobs’, New York, USA. Customer  Rating 5/5   

‘This stuff works plain and simple. I have gotten rock hard muscles and much improved recovery. You need an 8 week cycle tho! Buy 4 get 1 pack free!’


18/08/2012 – Jack Roberts, London, UK, Customer Rating 4/  

‘I loved the energy off Trib, I didn’t make much gains but I only did a 4 week course, perhaps I should have run it longer’


01/07/2012 – Stephen Jenkins, Wales, UK, Customer Rating 5/5

‘I have tried lots of test boosters but Tribestan took me to the next level, did 5 tabs a day for 3 months and God this stuff works! got ripped and gained 1 stone of solid mass, no water retention, just quality mass, lots of energy and great recovery, I will never try another natural test booster! Cheers Tribestan UK also for your quick delivery!’


12/06/2012 – Andy Davies, Chester, UK, Customer Rating 5/5

‘All I can say is that I love Tribestan! great product and great service’


16/05/2012 – Nicola Morris, London, UK, Customer Rating 5/5

‘ I always thought test boosters could give women too much mass and masculine effects but after research on Tribestan I tried a 3 month course, no side effects, I got lean and had lots of energy, Im a professional cyclist and will always go back to Tribestan’


17/4/2012 – ‘Chris Jones’, Wakefield, UK. Customer  Rating 4/5

‘Wow, did my muscles look hard and full and defined. I  started laughing to myself in the mirror because ive never looked this solid. Although i know this will help me, my diet is in order and taking in clean whole foods to put on mass.


27/3/2012 – ‘Bradley Davis’, Arizona, USA. Customer Rating 5/5

‘I have read tons of info about Tribestan. I like it, and have always had great results with it. Tribestan is still the king of all Trib products. Many imitators will come along, but as hard as it is to get results from some Trib products, going cheaper is not better. I used Tribestan in the following dosage-2 tabs three times a day for three weeks to two months and every time I get amazing results, I remember my first cycle 8 years ago when I first started training, I put on 10lb in 8 weeks. You get what you pay for with Tribestan so dont waste your cash on other stuff.’


13/3/2012 – ‘Alan Gates’, Ontario, Canada. Customer Rating 4

This was a very solid product for me. I’ve tried a lot of trib terr based products over the years with varying results most of which have been minimum. This product provided me with a noticable testosterone boost which I was happy with. My training went great on cycle as strength improved. More so than if I would not have taken the product. Sex drive was up as well, which is always a great sign. Solid product for those looking for a trib terrestris product. Will cycle again soon!’


3/3/2012 – ‘Tahir Ahmad’, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. Customer Rating 5 stars out of 5

‘If you are looking for a natual test booster you should definitely buy Tribestan by Sopharma. It is the best natual test booster I have ever taken. It is alot of pills in one day, 6 i took for best results. My weight went up 7 pounds, my body fat decreased and my measurments grew. I looked dry and lean and am about to purchase another packet, this will be the 4th time ive used it. Let me know what you think after you try it.’


19/2/2012 – ‘Ian Thomas’, Surrey, UK. Customer Rating 5 stars out of 5

‘I have been using this for just 8 weeks. First 2 weeks I took 4 a day, then 5 for the next 6 weeks. Around week 3 my muscles were hard all DAY. My workouts were about the same but my energy level was improved and morning wood is guaranteed! My pumps (arms) were visibly larger. I may go up to 6 a day but I doubt I need it. I will cycle another pack at 4 a day to see how it goes. I love this product! I’m 42 y/o and I can FEEL it work. You really need an 8 week cycle for best results on this’


8/2/2012 – ‘Mike C’, Norfolk, UK. Customer Rating 5 stars out of 5

I have used a couple of courses of your Tribestan now, and I find it an excellent test booster. I am a 37 year old male who has taken anabolic/androgenic steroids in my early twenties, so I know what it should feel like to have elevated testosterone levels.

Some findings on my two courses so far:

1. Increased mood and feel good factor, confidence levels high

2. Increased libido, sexual function

3. increase in strength and aggression, but not short tempered when not in the gym etc, no rages!

4. An increase in mass, although not huge gains, a good steady muscle increase and hardness/fat loss

5. I train grappling and Russian Kettlebells. This training does not promote “mass” as such and I don’t train for mass. However I am sure based on the gains I have already experienced with this type of sports specific training while using Tribestan, that if I trained for mass, using the classic compound movements and high calories, that Tribestan would certainly help me gain extra mass than what I have already gained

6. At 37, this is the perfect, safe and very effective supplement, which while won’t get you massive like Dianabol, is an excellent support to boost hormonal testosterone levels, especially in and older athlete like myself and is a brilliant aid to my kettlebells and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Grappling training.

Overall, great service and solid product (Tribestan). I have recommended it to my brother (43, hard trainer) who has bought 5 boxes and I will also be recommending it to my friends. Thanks, Best regards Mike C – UK


4/2/2012 – ‘Charles King’, Mississippi, USA. Customer Rating 4

“Solid gains, in all 12lbs in 12 weeks, also increased all my major lifts.  It’s a perfect alternative to steroids, I have wasted so much money over the years on pro hormones and plant extracts claiming to raise test levels.  I’ll be doing another cycle in 2 weeks and looking forward to more major gains!”


12/1/2012 - ’Jason Griffiths’, Wales, UK. Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

“Tried the Trib for 2 months, strength up after 3 weeks and put on around half stone and still kept it, cant wait for next cycle,  fast delivery too”


7/01/2012 – “Brandon Jones”, New York, USA.  Customer Rating 5 stars out of 5

“Tribestan is superior to anything i have ever took! i have been training for years and used many supplements but Tribestan does exactly what is sais! testosterone way up! recovery and strength through the roof! bench up by 20k in 8 weeks! do an 8 week cycle for fantastic results! I did a 12 week cycle and it worked wonders, no side effects at all! and thanks for fast delivery to States, Tribestan UK cheapest I found even here in the states! cheers guys! this stuff is well known in the states and i think will be absolutely huge in a few years!” 


3/01/2012 – “Matthew Davies (known as mat the machine)”, Philadelphia, USA.   Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

“Bring it on the Tribestan! been training for 20 years, thought Tribestan was just another basic brand! found out it was supposed to be the real thing and it is! get yourself on an 8 or 12 week cycle tho like me and you will get amazing results! 8 pounds up in 10 weeks! and for me thats a lot as over the years of training naturally, i thought i reached my peak in lean mass! next cycle in 4 weeks! swift delivery! love it!”


23/12/2011 – “Darran Rogers”, Glasgow, UK.  Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

“I have to say that i have been training for two years, never took any supplements, my friend told me about Tribestan, took an 8 week cycle as recommended, recovery amazing and 7 pounds lean mass right up!”


17/12/2011 – “Mark Smith”, London, UK.  Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

“Second month on Trib and 14lbs up exactly, diet spot on and Trib has worked wonders! Look out the next cycle in 2012!”


10/12/2011 -” Stacey Palmer”, Wales, UK.  Customer Rating   4

“I have been cycling for 12 years and become professional 2 years ago, I have complete confidence in Tribestan and know it works for me regarding increased performance and recovery, my team mate Kate introduced me to the supplement and I know why and thats because its a supplement which works! Thanks Tribestan UK and thanks for your responsive and informative emails with my questions on the dosage”.


24/10/2011 – ‘Tariq Majid’, London, UK.  Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

‘Tribestan UK! I finished on my second cycle yesterday and im up 1 stone.  Tribestan knocks your testosterone levels through the roof! My mate at the gym takes it too and he does amateur bodybuilding competitions and his friends on the circuit swear by Tribestan! fast delivery and the cheapest I have found on the web, finally something that works and natural.’


21/10/2011 – ‘Ashley Owen’, London, UK.  Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

‘The best natural testosterone enhancer I have ever tried, I train in the gym 3 days per week and do road running twice. I done 12 weeks of Tribestan and im totally ripped, put a few pound but my physique is really toned I and feel great’


16/10/2011 – ‘Jonathan Griffiths’, Ashford, Kent, UK.  Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

‘This is my third cycle and im addicted, I always have great results.  I know Tribulus products have been around for years but Tribestan the original is the best I have tried and its safe to take all year round, cheers guys!’


9/10/2011 – ‘Andrew Thomas’, Cardiff, Wales.  Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

‘Hi, i bought 4 boxes of Tribestan and get 1 free.  They lasted about 8 weeks, I was training hard as usual, my body had a massive change, I know Tribestan worked because I know my body well from years of training.  Put on just over half stone! fantastic recovery, a great test booster! month off now and another cycle.


3/10/2011 – ‘John’, Belfast, Ireland.  Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

‘Hi there, i bought 2 boxes of Tribestan from you after purchasing 3 from bulgaria, i took 5 per day and the results were excellent. My lifts were up in the gym, i took on more protein and this increased synthesis and now my physique is amazing compared to what it was 8 weeks ago and i put this down to the Tribestan.  I will continue to purchase from you in the future and tell my friends about this, even my moods were a lot better, i felt more relaxed and confident and a very noticeable difference down below also, always ready for action!  Thanks a lot and i’ll be in touch’


3/9/2011 – ‘Christopher Thomas’, Chelmsford, Essex, UK.  Customer Rating   5 stars out of 5

‘Tribestan is by far a supreme supplement for bodybuilding.  If you want quick results and increased strength use this.  I take my training and diet very seriously, I used Tribestan in conjunction with protein and noticed the difference in 4 weeks when the gains in mass and strength really kicked in.  Body fat dropped and muscle mass increased.  Obviously different genetics require a different training plan but 8 weeks on this and you should know about it!’


 29/8/2011 – ‘Aron Williams’, Melbourne Australia.  Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

‘I just finished my first cycle of 10 weeks and put on a solid 8 pounds! Its better than any dodgy prohormone and works! I tried to get hold of Tribestan in Australia but couldnt source any.  I found Tribestan UK and received my first order in just over a week.  Cant wait for next cycle!


23/8/2011 – ‘Ian James’, Cardiff, Wales.  Customer Rating   5

‘My third cycle of Tribestan this year and my strength keeps going up, I have put on a solid 1 stone of lean muscle and now wont use another product’


20/8/2011 – ‘Mike Evans’, Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Customer Rating    5

‘The first couple of weeks I didnt notice much of this stuff, 3 weeks in and 5 Tablets per day and I suddenly felt the difference, recovery was amazing.  On Tribestan for 2 months now and I have gained about 6 pounds and put 1 inch on my arms and my upper body has filled out! Did try other Tribulus but Tribestan wins hands down!’


10/7/2011 – ‘Andrew Davies’, Chessington, Surrey.  Customer Rating    4

‘i have experimented with many Tribulus products over the years and wasted a ridicilous amount of money, Tribestan is the only one that actually worked, I do power lifting and this has shot my strength right up over the past 3 months’


3/6/2011 - ’Keith Bridges’, Lincolnshire.  Customer Rating   4

‘Just finished my first 8 week cycle. Was 13 stone 10 at the start with a bench press of 90kg and squat of 100kg. Now weigh 14 stone 8 with a bench press if 120 kg and a squat of 140 kg, these are not single reps either but reps of between 6 to 10. Now two weeks off and can’t wait to start my next cycle. This stuff really works!!’


1/6/2011 – ‘Barry Johnson’, Waco, USA.  Customer Rating    5 stars out of 5

‘ The thing about Tribestan is that you can take it all year round, its safe and actually great for your health!  I have been taking it for a year now and put on around a stone, yeh ive been eating well too and training hard but I have put more muscle on with this than any other product over the years, Ive been training for 15 years, I did go over to the dark side about 5 years ago and took steroids with amazing results, it was a one time ting and I will never take them again but I gotta say the Tribestan is not far from the results of Steroids, its a little more pricey than other brands but you get what you pay for, right? I religiously take 5 tablets per day and always two at a time, this gives me max gains!’


24/5/2011 – ‘Daniel Bowen’, Surrey, UK.  Customer Rating  4 

‘ Tried many brands but Tribestan is the ‘Coca Cola’ of Tribulus, it is the original stuff and does what it sais! I take as recommended 2 tablets in morning and then 2 after training and then 1 before bed, sometimes I have a 3 day break from training every few weeks so then take about 2 to keep my test levels up, this makes the pack lasts longer.  Honestly I will never use another testosterone booster or pro hormone, I love Tribestan, it makes me feel amazing, 1 stone in 9 weeks and strength through the roof, great recovery! Nothing has ever given me these results.’


18/5/2011 – ‘Adam James’, Swindon, UK.  Customer Rating  3 stars out of 5

‘ Love Tribestan, been on it for 3 months, probably the best test booster i have tried, I do martial arts too and it really helps, great service, orders always on time, can be pricey tho ’


29/4/2011 – ‘Chris Davies’, Edinburgh, Scotland. Customer Rating  5 stars out of 5

‘ Tried this stuff for 2 months didnt put on much weight but my strength went up and I had more energy in the gym, will try again soon, fast delivery too ‘


 26/4/2011 – ‘Jessica Bass’, Cape Town, South Africa.  Customer Rating   5 stars out of 5 

‘ Thanks again for another fast delivery, cant get Tribestan in South Africa, always order from Tribestan UK.  I take part in marathons including the Comrades and find it works very well with recovery and increased endurance.  Thanks.’


1/3/2011 – ‘ Gavin Wright ‘, Surrey, London.  Customer Rating  4 

‘ 3 months on Tribestan and up 1 stone exactly, I have tried various products including pro hormones but you dont know what your taking these days regarding the ingredients, this stuff is totally natural and strong and makes me feel great, one problem! you will definitely know when this stuff works and thats when you get up in the morning, after about 2 weeks when it kicked in I was waking up with a case of  major ‘wood’ and it also makes you feel well horny but that means it works due to increased testosterone!, I also get my orders the next day and always well packeged so great service too.  Cheers Tribestan UK!’


2/2/2011 – ‘Jessica Smith’ Croydon, London.  Customer Rating   4 

 ’Ive now cycled Tribestan over 12 months, it has definitely helped in my performance with athletics due to increased energy and endurance.  There has also been a great amount of fat loss.’